We provide comprehensive pharmacy services for our patients as part of an integrated healthcare experience, offering our expertise on everything from medication side effects to medication delivery.

Pharmacy Services at SASAdoctor

We work closely with your physicians, doctors, and medical practitioners to provide you with expert, comprehensive care. We provide care that is:

  • Specialized – We have extensive training and experience in medications, dosages, and side effects. Our pharmacists are trained and board-certified.
  • Safe and Effective – Patient safety is our highest priority. We are in constant communication with you and your medical team to make sure your medication regimen is appropriate and safe.
  • Personalized – From the moment you consult with our doctors to the time you receive a prescription, we are with you to help you manage your medications.

The SASAdoctor Approach

Whether you are an inpatient at another hospital, require continuing medical care at home, or simply need a prescription filled, our pharmacy services provide the personalized care you need. Our specially trained pharmacists work closely with you to help manage your medical care.

We offer:

  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Medication Delivery Services

Retail Pharmacy

We provide the convenience and ease of a walk-in retail pharmacy with the expertise of a university-affiliated hospital. Our pharmacists don’t just fill prescriptions. We provide education and counseling for our patients as well. You can feel confident that your medication regimen is safe and appropriate for you. Our pharmacists:

  • Provide any medication you need, including specialty drugs not available at all retail pharmacies
  • Make sure you understand any possible side effects of medications and how to manage them
  • Can access your electronic medical records (EMR), if you ordered your medication via SASAdoctor App, ensuring that we provide accurate, effective care

Medication Delivery

Get the Right Dosage delivered to your doorstep at the best price and quality. We don’t just deliver the best quality medicines but also take a 48hr follow-up to keep a check on you and schedule refills every 30 days to make sure you don’t completely run out of your medicines.

SASAdoctor Mobile App

Register on our mobile app and manage your prescriptions from your mobile device.

  • Request refills through the app
  • Receive notifications when your prescriptions are ready
  • Schedule custom reminders to take or refill your medication (can be by text or app notification)
  • View prescription history, including expense, directions, drug name and etc.
  • Look up your prescriber’s information

Download SASAdoctor app via QR codes, iOS or Google Play.

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