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This product enables anyone over the age 50 years to access Unlimited Virtual Medical Consultation via the SASAdoctor APP. At SASAdoctor, we know that access to healthcare for persons over 50 years is a challenge. So we…


SASAdoctor provides pre-paid subscription service for unlimited virtual consultation via the SASAdoctor APP. Our subscription plans are designed to deliver quality care for those we serve.


We provide comprehensive pharmacy services for our patients as part of an integrated healthcare experience, offering our expertise on everything from medication side effects to medication delivery.


Our laboratory uses appropriate and standard technology to generate reliable patient test reports on a timely basis through committed and competent staff.

In-house Clinics

We design and set up corporate in-house clinics and wellness chambers to better serve employees and their families in their workplaces.

Chronic Disease Management

This program is aimed at improving the continuity of care for people with chronic illness by simplifying disease management and making it more accessible and efficient.

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